On Sunday November 12, we got a treat. We were introduced to Pastor Wanda who gave a moving sermon on “Spiritual Vulnerability”. Pastor Wanda is a powerful preacher, with a contagious energy and an infectious spirit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone have so much fun while delivering such a pertinent message.

We’re trying something a bit different and showing the entire worship service. So in addition to Pastor Wanda’s powerful message, you also get to see the testimonials as well as how the love and energy flows during a service at Spirit Of Christ Global Ministries. Her sermon starts around the 20:00 minute mark of the video.

Sermon Highlights:

“Lead me in your truths and teach me”

“Sometimes, in order for us to understand truth, we gotta go through something”

“Look at me God in all my nastiness!”

“Don’t we want to run and hide when God turns the light on us?”

“Don’t we want to run and hide when God start turning the light on us? And we start seeing our own mess, we start seeing we are not up to what we should be and then Satan comes in and says….. see he’s not even there for you”

“When God shines the light on us he wants us to be spiritually vulnerable enough to surrender to him and tell him the truth….”

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