Spirit Of Christ Global Ministries is moving to a new location. God has given Pastor Byron and Apostle Kim Meekins a vision to have a building located within a neighborhood that can serve the needs of that neighborhood. In our last sermon at this current location, Pastor Meekins preached on what vision is, Gods vision for Spirit Of Christ Global Ministries and going to war for your vision. Enjoy the short sermon and be sure to follow us for more details on our vision, temporary location and ultimately our new building.  Leave us a comment and let us know what vision God has given you.

Sometimes this vision is what we call Revelation.

When you are given a vision from God, you must WRITE IT DOWN.

I really didn’t know how to pray. There are adults still praying like kids.

We must teach train and equip disciples of Jesus Christ.

You must have a relationship with God before you recognize his vision for you.

Our vision can not become God over God.

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