This past Sunday, Pastor Kim Meekins gave a profound and moving sermon on what a REAL conversion looks like. We must emphasize REAL because she pulled zero punches. Her sermon was direct, her words were inspiring, and as we’ve come to expect from her, it was unapologetically based on sound biblical principles.

Sermon Highlights:

“When I was in the world…. I was still a really nice person. I didn’t treat people bad. And I really did think my good works were gonna get me in. But one day I had an encounter with Christ and I realized that I was filthy and wretched, I was blind and I was naked and that all of what I thought I knew about being a believer in Christ Jesus was false….”

“There is no such thing as a Carnal Christian.”

“There is a standard that God calls us to as a believer.”

“If you are truly a work in progress… Shouldn’t you be seeing some progress?”

“Denominations are man made. When asked, What is your denomination? I respond, I’m a believer”

“There is a difference between remorseful and repentant.”

“What’s really happening…is because we have false converts… They work for Satan.”

Biblical references: 2nd Corinthians, Acts 9: 1-22.

Next in this series: How to affect the change and the importance of the Holy Spirit in your conversion.

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