Apostle Kim Meekins’ sermon from August 11, 2019. Scripture reference 1st Samuel 13:16. A very moving and very personal sermon.


Don’t you have things that come against you.

We don’t like waiting do we?

What have you don’t that you couldn’t wait for the lord?

We make excuses, but the excuses don’t justify the outcome.

There is no foolishness in the holly spirit.

When you’re self sufficient, there is no room for the Holy Ghost.

Everything is clean, we make it unclean with our choices.

God wants to know we trust him.

Many of us believe, once saved always saved.

Obedience is better than sacrifice.

The same snake that encountered Eve in the garden, is that same snake that walks about today.

We still have a do over.

Who wants to be what God wants them to be?

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