On July 28, Spirit Of Christ Global Ministries was treated to the “Prophetic Powerful Voice” of Pastor Angie Leslie. A sermon inspired by the scripture Ecclesiastes 3. “Your Season For Going Left Is Over.”


We are in the now time of God.

For everything there is a season and an appointed time.

Everything happens for a season.

I’m ready to move into a different season.

The Devil wants you to have a season of un-fruitfulness, a season of not growing.

A shift is taking place. God is doing a shift right now. The enemy is running rampant right now.

God wants you to expect change.

God is shifting us. God is up to something. Be in a place of expectation.

God is moving us out of our comfort zone.

What season are we in? We are in a season of activation and release.

Do you expect the enemy to let you take what he has marked as his? Are you ready for a battle? God wants soldiers.

A season of ascending. Get ready for the shift.

All y0u gotta do is wait it out.

I’m not gonna quit before I get the chance to get my praise on.

You can’t move forward without MOVEMENT. Are you ready for your new season?

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